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Manage and keep track of your important events or notes with this easy-to-use freeware.

Reminder is freeware reminder scheduler for your important events, activities or notes. It helps you to make a to-do list of your daily tasks, display reminders punctually on your computer Desktop and even play a nice sound alarm to get your attention. You can confirm the notification message or postpone it in minutes if you are in the middle of something. It allows you to snooze the alarm and let it to remind you again some time later. With well defined reminder rules, you will get reminded precisely on time and you won't forget any important meeting, appointment or special day. You can schedule a new reminder with a few clicks and even beginners can get this done in a minute. The program can auto run with system startup then run silently in background without any disturbance of your work. And you can easily unhide its user interface by clicking on its icon in system tray. The program consumes very little system resource and it is well designed and tested. It is compatible with Windows XP to the latest Windows 11.

Key Features:

* Help you manage daily tasks with a list view
* Remind you of events at a specific time
* Remind you of events on daily basis
* Play a sound when a reminder prompts
* Run with system startup and in background